SCHMELZER Environmental Technologies, LLC - Health, Safety and Environmental Consulting Services
Occupational Health Services

Health & Safety Services

  • Functional Job Analyses (FJA)
  • Pre-Employment Test Generation and planning
  • Job Rotation Planning
  • Ergonomics Analyses
  • On-Site Injury Care
  • Workplace Preventative Exercise and Stretching Programs
  • Office Ergonomics Analyses

Training Services

Injury Prevention Training Courses:
  • Back to Basics
  • Cumulative Trauma Disorders
  • Reducing Hand, Wrist and Elbow injuries in the workplace
  • The negative Impact of sitting in the Workplace

Safe Material Handling

Exercise Breaks for the Office

Controlling Your Own Fitness

Is Sitting the New Smoking:
  • Strategies for Reducing the Negative Impact of Sitting in the Workplace

  • Ergonomics for Beginners
  • Ergonomics for Managers and Supervisors

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